Due dates for August’19 under GST

followings are due dates to comply with

    1. 31-08-19 – GSTR 9 – The Most Comprehensive Annual Return / Statement for FY 17-18 by ALL registered persons.
    2. 31-08-19 – Annual Return for FY 17-18 For Composition Tax Payer in Form GSTR-9A
    3. 31-08-19 – GSTR-9C – Annual Return for FY 17-18 by registered person whose Annual Turnover for FY 17-18 is above Rs. 2 Cores (Annual Return + Audited Annual Accounts + Reconciliation Statement in GSTR-9C)
    4. 31-08-19– Filing of ITC-04 for July 17 to March 19 for filing the details of goods or capital goods sent to job worker and received back

  1. 11-08-19- Due date for filing GSTR-1 for m/o July 19 -> Applicable for taxpayers with Annual Aggregate turnover Above Rs. 1.50/- Crore or opted to file monthly Return (Rs. One Crore Fifty Lacs) only.
  2. 10-08-19- Due date for filing GSTR-8 (to be filed by the by the e-commerce operators required to deduct TDS under GST for the m/o July 2019.
  3. 20-08-19- Due date for filing GSTR-5 & 5A (to be filed by the Non-Resident taxable person & OIDAR for the m/o July 19.
  4. 13-08-19- Due date for filing GSTR-6 (to be filed by Input Service Distributor for m/o July 19.
  5. 20-08-2019- GSTR-3B for the m/o July 19. Pay due Tax till this date.
  6. 31-08-2019- GSTR-7 (to be filed by the person who is required to deduct TDS under GST for the month of June 19.
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  8. RFD-10:- Eighteen months after end of the quarter for which refund is to be claimed
  9. 21-08-19 – E Way Bill- blocking of e-way bills on non-filing of returns for two consecutive tax periods, to be brought into effect from 21 August 2019.
  10. 31-08-2019- The last date for furnishing statement containing the details of the self-assessed tax in FORM GST CMP-08 for the quarter April, 2019 to June, 2019 (by taxpayers under composition scheme), extended from 31.07.2019 to 31.08.2019.

source: various, i.e. cbic, taxguru etc.

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