Marriott plans 200 hotels by 2020: Rajeev Menon


source:Business News / 01-Nov-2016

Kolkata: JW Marriott has become the undisputed king of hotels after the acquisition of Starwood. Rajeev Menon, chief operating officer, Asia-Pacific operations (excluding China) of Marriott International, tells Avishek Rakshit about the group’s plans to speed up its hotel count and focus on the mid-market and upscale brands. Edited excerpts:

What is the road map for the Marriott International group in India after the acquisition of Starwood?
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The road map is very much what we have done so far, except that it will be accelerated growth. Earlier, we were targeting 100 hotels by 2020, but with the Starwood acquisition, which makes us the largest player in India, we can safely say, we’ll be close to 175-200 hotels over the next four years. We’ll have 15 brands operating in India by this year.

In the mid-space and below, there is…

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