Details of Vendors providing e-seals to Exporters, for Implementing electronic sealing of containers by exporters

The Central Board of Customs and Excise, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India vide file No. F. No. 450/188/2017-Cus IV have issued Details of Vendors providing E-seals as per Circular 36/2017-Customs & 37/2017-Customs.

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In terms of Para 3.1 of Circular 37/2017-Customs, the details of Vendors seeking to provide E-seals to exporters as per requirement of Circulars 26/2017, 36/2017 & 37/2017 of Customs as on date 29th September 2017 is as under:

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A) List of Vendors who have submitted complete set of documents to the CBEC and their documents having been found complete as per requirements of the above mentioned Circulars is Provided [click>>> for List of Vendor]

B) List of Vendors whose documents have not been received as prescribed as on date and the process to obtain/verify the same is on is also provided [click>>> for List of Vendor]

1. Applicants may please note that the process of verifying the documents of the Vendors is an ongoing process. As and when aspiring vendors complete the required documentation their names will be put up on CBEC website. Other desirous vendors may submit the documents, duly self-attested, as prescribed under the Board’s Circulars to Director (Customs), Room No. 227 B, North block, New Delhi with a copy on email

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2. The vendors as mentioned in List B have been informed by e-mail regarding the deficiencies in their documents. They are advised to submit the same at the earliest.

3. Vendors in List A, whose complete set of documents have been received would be informed separately by a letter wherein terms & conditions would be mentioned. Those vendors are required to adhere to all requirements as mentioned in Circulars 26/2017, 36/2017 & 37/2017. Any non-observance to such conditions would lead to disqualification of that vendor.

4. Vendors have to provide RFID readers at the ports/ICDs under intimation to the CBEC. They are advised to install the same at the Ports/ICDs and intimate the list of such ports/ICDs to CBEC to their potential customers i.e. Exporters. The department reserves the right to direct vendor to provide reader at any Customs port/ICD.

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5. As exporters have to purchase e-seals directly from the vendors, they are advised to take appropriate precautions with regards to the financial transactions or any other dealings with the Vendor. The department is in no way responsible for the conduct of the vendor.

6. The vendor has to ensure that the transaction history of the self-sealing should be visible to the exporters for their reference.

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7. The vendor shall ensure that the Tag identification (TID) number is captured in their data base and the IEC code of the exporter is linked to the same at the time of sale of the seals. Upon reading at the port/ICD, the software application, provided by the vendor, shall ensure that the seal’s identity is checked with its TID.

source; Central Board of Excise & Customs

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