This Dehradun girl has saved lives of 4 people from a bank robber at gunpoint

Bravery news from Dehradun have always been quite common. However, this time it is something that can send shivers down the spine, and make us wonder what we would have done in her situation. A young girl’s bravery has become the talk of the town of Dehradun. Mitali Shah, in an exemplary act of bravery, has saved the lives of four other people during a bank robbery.


The incident took place on 20th February in a UCO bank where Mitali works as an employee. Since it was a Saturday, there were very few people in the bank. Mitali and her two female colleagues were are the only staff members running the bank. Suddenly, a robber entered the bank in a helmet. He took out his revolver and pointed it at Mitali, who was handling the cash counter. “I was shocked as he pointed the gun and asked me to put the cash in the bag. I started collecting the cash and told him to put the gun down” Mitali told IndiaTimes.

Mitali, who was afraid at first, soon gained some courage as the attacker kept shouting. She firmly told the robber that she wouldn’t hand over the cash. Inspired by her courage, another girl named Majulika, pressed the siren, reports She The People. Hearing the alarm, the robber ran away in panic. The town of Dehradun has since then been celebrating the bravery of these three young girls. When Mitali was asked what inspired her, her reply was simple- “Neerja”.

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