A husband-wife duo is building a platform that can handle textbook preferences of 20 million students

Do you remember those college days when you had to buy those expensive academic books? The books were hardly used only for two months before the exams, or when panic was struck, in our minds, by firm teachers. After the exams, they become part of the homefurniture. Worse, although they are not even coffee table books, they last in to your adulthood and manage to remind you of the sweaty nights of hard work that you train your mind to forget. What if there was a startup that made sure your future was secure and these books did not remain in your hands for life. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Shachindra Sharma and Ruchi Sharma built Pustakkosh, an online text book rental company, around a social network for used books. Founded by the husband and wife duo, Pustakkosh aggregates curriculum books from publishers and rents it out to graduates. It also buys used books from students to add to the collection. The process is very simple. All a student has to do is to get on their platform and rent a book, which will be delivered to their campus at a convenient time.

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